Frequently Asked Questions

What other immunizations do I need to get other than MMR? (The docs/emails I got only said MMR)

None. You only have to take the immunizations mentioned by PSU (i.e. MMR) for the admission process. But you are free to take all the immunizations available (TB test, Diphtheria, Hepatitis, Meningococcus, etc.), it's your personal choice. I believe most of us have taken these vaccinations in childhood.

What kind of Vegetables does one get easily in Portland? That could be helpful in learning what to cook and what not to!

You get all! Frozen veggies are cheaper than fresh. Do learn to cook. Most of us shop in Safeway store close to PSU; a simple research will help you know all the veggies available. If you somehow go out of town, then there are Indian Stores, Walmart, Costco, Winco etc.

How and when does one pay fees? Do they have to be paid per quarter or per year? What mode of payment is preferred? Wire transfer/DD/any other?

Depends on how you are funded (Bank/personal funds). For payment,there are three options: Online, In Person (Cash: Least Opted), By Mail (Least Opted). Below are the Online Modes:
1. PSU Payment Plan
2. PSU CashNet (2.75% service charges)
3. Pay with E-Check:  Routing number and US-based bank account number needed. Takes 3-5 Business Days
4. Wire Transfer

Fees Due:
​1. Without late fee; Due on 6 th of each Month of an academic Quarter.
2. With late fee; Before the start of next term.

Late fee: ​$100 and automatic enrollment into PSU Payment Plan. Then meet Student Account Office Personnel at FMH to waive it off.
PSU Payment plan: ​Fees can be paid in three installments for every quarter. For more information, go to

Wire transfer (safest): Takes a couple of days maybe a week max. (Depends on bank or any public holidays). Normally bank charges $15­-20/transfer.
Cash: ​NOT advisable (do bring it for other uses).

Here is more information at PSU's web site:

Will an international driving permit work in Portland? Should/Can I obtain driving permit in Portland?

International License works for 30 days, but not advisable, better get Oregon driver's license. Indian driving license is valid for one year. You will definitely need a state ID at some point, so start with learner's permit. For that you need to give a computer test (which is easy for the most part and costs $5). For driver's permit you need to take a driving test. Don’t waste time and money on international driver's license. Commuting in downtown is free. For those who have Indian Driving License, can get a zipcar card which will help them to drive on a temporary basis.

Does Oregon issue State ID Cards to non­immigrant F­1 students?

Yes, also the driving license could be used a state ID as well and is highly advisable to take.

I'm planning to get a few books from here. Someone please enlist book titles (along with author name) which we typically need throughout the entire course.

My advice, don't bring any! You can find most of them in PSU library, or read online.

How many terms, a Masters student must go through, at PSU? What is the difference between terms and quarters?

Terms are usually 6 months long while, quarters (as the name says) are usually 3 months long. At PSU we have quarter system; Each lasts for duration of 10­-12 weeks.

At PSU, a master’s student coming in fall typically goes through 6 quarters if the student does not take the courses in summer. Fall­Winter­Spring­Fall­Winter-Spring and then he/she graduate. You are required to pay fees for every quarter. Summer quarters are optional; you may or may not take a course during Summer.

If you take a course in summer, that counts towards your credits and then, you may graduate early depending on how many credits you are left with. ​ONLY the summer quarter is optional. If you take courses in summer quarter, does not mean you can skip the following fall term.

Why students choose PSU?

1. Course Structure as you have researched and selected PSU. That is true with PSU offering varied Graduate tracks with flexibility in choice of courses.
2. Low cost of living (not exactly the lowest but still good enough, also you get to live right next to downtown)
3. Safe (The last two years I'd been here ­­no incident, people here are very warm and friendly)
4. And Of-Course the Job Opportunities: Intel, Amazon, Other Start-ups, Proximity to Bay Area and Seattle.